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Famicom Tantei Club: Kieta Koukeisha

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System: Famicom Disk System
Developer: Nintendo RD1
Genre: Adventure
Save: Battery

JP 27th April 1988 (Disk Pt1)
JP 14th June 1988 (Disk Pt2)

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Game © 1988 Nintendo


The first game in the Tantei Club series. This series of text adventures sees you playing as a schoolboy who starts a detective club to uncover a murder mystery that took place near his home.

You move from place to place, examining things and interrogating people, so you can put together the clues and solve the mystery. The action is directed by a command menu, and illustrated by an image. As you progress, you may find out more information from people you have already spoken to.

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Japanese Boxart
Japanese Boxart
Disk 1
Japanese Boxart
Japanese Boxart
Disk 2